Want the Guy You’re Sleeping With to Notice You?

We’ve all been there: you’re minding your own business while a man is thrusting his erect penis in and out of you, when you suddenly wonder if this guy even knows you’re alive. Well, The Onion, one of the best news sources I’ve ever pretended to read, recently aired a news segment bringing to light this pervasive issue. The Onion’s today Now! segment “How to Get a Guy to Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him” offers some really great tips on getting that guy’s attention, both pre- and post-ejaculation. My favorite tip is: “try throwing a ball or a small object at him. It’s a great excuse to start a conversation. Like, ‘hey, where did that ball come from?'”

Watch the segment to get more great tips:
(WARNING: This video is NOT work or child friendly!) 

What are your thoughts?

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