I have always been adamant that if a man ever decides to propose to me, it had damn well better be in private because I am painfully shy and absolutely abhor being the center of attention. Then I saw this video (embedded at the bottom of the post).

Men are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make their proposals unique and memorable; after all, in an ideal world, it should be the only one both parties ever experience. The guy in this video blows that expectation completely out of the water with a proposal that is so creative and took so much planning and work to pull off that the only thing that would’ve made this video go even more viral is if the woman had said no.

I don’t want to comment on the video too much because I don’t want to spoil it, but I have to say my favorite part of the whole experience is how he finds every opportunity to make his girlfriend wait for the actual proposal (you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video). The first part is a little cheesy, but give it a chance and wait until he’s heading her way to actually propose. Trust me – it’s worth it.



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