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I was impressed when my grandma figured out how to send emails, so imagine my surprise when CBS reported that a 90-year-old Florida woman used online dating site to find her now-husband. The couple met online in November, were engaged by Valentine’s Day, and are now married. Both had been widowed for years and made their intentions very clear from the start.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews of online dating, from friends who’ve found their spouses online to friends who swear only creeps and perverts are on online dating sites. Technological difficulties aside (assuming there were any for this happy couple — who knows, they both could be tech savvy), I can’t help but wonder if the online dating experience was easier for them than it is for younger people because they are both at an age at which they know exactly what they want. Were there fewer obstacles to love because they no longer had to worry about typical deal breakers, like if they both want children? Were there fewer factors for them to consider because they’ve passed most of life’s major milestones? Are they at a point in their lives when seeking a partner really is mainly about love?

Granted, finding a love match online who is older than 60 is probably quite challenging, but beyond that challenge, how do you think their online dating experience compared to the experiences of younger online dating site users?


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  1. Maybe at that age, it’s not all about sex! It does seem that sex is a priority for many men on line and dating websites is a place where there are lots of available and sometimes lonely women. Maybe at their age, it is more of a level playing field where personality and companionship is really more important. .

    1. Sex certainly does play a role in dating, online or off, and I definitely encountered men on online dating sites who were just looking for sex (I’m talking to you, 60-something-year-old guy who wanted to teach this 20-something girl a thing or two. Gross. Just gross). Getting past the creeps and perverts is a challenge in itself, but is sex really the main difference in this case?

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