Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex?

We’ve all considered getting back with an ex for one reason or another. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it leads to an unhealthy yo-yo-like relationship that just makes you nauseous. Sometimes it even drags on in a strange flirtation that never really goes anywhere but is still not quite platonic.

In some cases, getting back with an ex make sense — time and distance and maturation have set the stage for a successful relationship. In others, well, slamming that book shut is the least you can do to start the healing process. For some there’s even a happy medium — a friendship, even.

So should you get back together with your ex, or are you exes for a reason?

Dr. Adam Sheck, a clinical psychologist, and Marni Battista, a dating expert, discuss the possibilities of getting back together with an ex in a video produced by Your Tango, a website dedicated to all-things-relationships. Check out the video, then let me know what you think of their advice. Do they have it right, or are they way off the mark?


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