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Online dating has become such an everyday part of the dating world that it’s no longer a hot topic of conversation. In fact, these days it seems like it’s tough to find a couple who didn’t meet online. To cash in on their growing popularity, new dating sites seem to crop up every day. Most are run-of-the-mill subscription services that charge for posting a profile and messaging willing singles, but others are a little off the beaten path. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the dating sites I’ve stumbled across over the last few years, from staples like eHarmony to the less-well-known Deal O Dates.

Have you tried any of these sites? What sites would you add?

Free online dating sites: This date-matching service sends you date suggestions that match your criteria and send your date ideas to matching people. You can accept dates and have your dates accepted. Users can sign up with the site or sign in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Deal O Dates: This is an online dating site combined with “daily deals” for dates. In other words, people go on this site to pay for dates or get paid for going on dates. It’s free to join but costs money when you want to run your dating ad and/or want to pay to go on a date with someone, which varies in cost based on what the person is charging for dates.

Find Your FaceMate: This site uses “facial recognition software and a proprietary algorithm┬áto identify partners more likely to ignite real passion and compatibility.” The site is based on the idea that people with real connections have strong physical similarities. The site doesn’t explain its services beyond creating a profile and uploading a photo to be analyzed.

HowAboutWe: This date-matching service launched several months before and also sends date ideas to matching people. Users can browse profiles and send messages as well.

Paid online dating sites: Allows you to become a member for free but only grants full access to the site to paid members. People who are new to the site will start off by taking a personality test, then they are introduced to matches suggested by the site. Chemistry provides “fun and unique activities” to help site users get to know each other.

eHarmony: Allows you to become a member for free but does not allow you to communicate with your matches unless you are a paid member. Site users are required to take an extensive personality assessment that eHarmony claims allows it to match users by “29 dimension of compatibility.” The site suggests matches to site users, who must go through a guided communication process before they can exchange contact information. There’s no personality profile for this site, though there is a link that directs you to the personality profile. is pretty straightforward — you create your online profile, browse profiles, and message people you’re interested in getting to know.

MeetJuliet: This site specifically states it is for heterosexual males and females only and is free to join but requires a subscription to use its full services. The site aims to attract women who believe there are “men that will not only cherish and adore them, but who also open doors and treat her like the queen she is.” The site also features online dating resources.

Zoosk: This site is free to join but requires a subscription to send more than one message and see the full text of messages received. Users can sign up with the site or log in with their Facebook account.


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  1. And apparently I’ve got compulsive post finger– Yes, I’ve tried a few. Match seemed like a glorified digital bar that allowed people to present themselves just as they would like to be seen, if not a little better. Even if I am a little biased towards eHarmony because I found my honey there, I like the idea of having someone screen for me. Apparently I was making the same picks and getting the same results, why not, right? It was like having a way less obnoxious and penis obsessed Patti Stanger working for me. Just my take on it.

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