The Undead Way to Date

ZombieHarmony screenshotWe’ve all heard of the popular dating site eHarmony, but now there’s an online dating site for undead singles: ZombieHarmony. That’s right, the undead no longer have an excuse to maul the living alone.

Okay, before any quirky horror lovers (like me) get too excited and try to read the profiles of users like “i_ate_my_family” or “lonelybill,” I have to burst your bubble. This “site” is totally a marketing ploy for free dating site Mingle2. Any efforts to read profiles or explore the site leads you to Mingle2.

Despite such a major let-down (I mean, c’mon, lonelybill has “one eye, half a torso, and a whole lot of heart” — I want to get to know him!), this marketing piece was just too great not to share, and I have to give Mingle2 props for creativity in their marketing. I’m almost tempted to post their “I found a date through ZombieHarmony” badge on my blog.

I mean, your heart doesn’t have to actually be beating to be full of love, right?

Love and a “whole lot of heart,”

The Slasher Chick

What are your thoughts?

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