ImageAh, heartbreak. The inevitable emotional torture we all suffer as a result of opening up our hearts only to have them thrown on the ground Andy Samberg-style. We all deal with heartbreak differently — we cry or we withdraw or we get angry or we even get vengeful — but when the dust from our emotional debris finally settles, we still have to deal with one more thing: the items left over from our dead relationships.

I’m not talking about photos or letters, though those are certainly physical items with which we must deal at some point. No, I’m talking about the engagement ring you no longer need, the pots and pans you bought together, that sweater she bought you for Christmas. What the hell do you do with those day-to-day reminders except throw them away or donate them to Goodwill?

Well, you could make some money off of them and get a little therapy on the side.

Never Liked It Anyway is a new online marketplace catering specifically to people who have experienced a breakup and need a place to dump off their stuff — and their emotions. For a nominal fee ($2.50 for a basic listing or $7.50 for a featured item listing) you can post items from your past relationships that you’d like to sell. Sellers also must share their breakup story and choose what breakup phase they are in, such as “still a little fragile,” “on the floor,” etc. The idea is that sellers don’t just get rid of their stuff; they also start to get rid of the emotional baggage they’ve been carrying around by sharing their stories with others. The website also has a section dedicated to sharing breakup war stories and advice on how to move on.

Bella (also known as Miss B), the website’s creator, got the idea to create Never Liked It Anyway when she found herself with a plane ticket she no longer wanted after a breakup the week before Christmas. She wanted to create a place for people to “shed the stories and the stuff” to help them “bounce back quicker” than they thought they could.

Because the website is still fairly new, there isn’t a whole lot for sale in the marketplace just yet, but the site as a whole has the potential to grow into quite the online community. You might want to check it out if you have some baggage to dump off — emotional or otherwise.

Love and throwing hearts on the ground,



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