This is for my 14 subscribers

yellow-flowers-vintage-typerwriterThis post is for the 14 people who have most likely forgotten they subscribed to my blog at some point over the last few years.

Hi. You’re still here. That’s cool.

You might have subscribed back when I was writing under the pseudonym “The Slasher Chick.” Or you might have subscribed when I started writing under my real name. Either way, it’s been more than a year since I’ve published a post. Sorry about that.

I’ll save you the long explanation as to where I’ve been. It’s not important. What is important is that I’m going to start writing again, which means if you’ve subscribed to my blog, you’re going to get post notifications from me again.

Here’s a reminder of who I am: I am a writer and a poet who is passionate about ending violence against women and educating the public about rape culture. I write about a few other social justice-related issues, but those are the two biggies.

What to expect from me moving forward:

  • Updates on my poetry, including submissions and, hopefully, where it’s getting published
  • Updates on where to read my articles
  • Blog posts on my writing process and what’s getting my attention in the news as it relates to gender equality and rape culture
  • The occasional personal post, including stuff on the writing process

You’ll see posts from me once a month unless something major happens that I feel the need to write about, such as a poem or article gets published that I want to share with you. Hopefully those of you who are already subscribed will decide to continue to stick with me for the journey.


Author: Mika Doyle

Mika Doyle is a creative writer and communications professional based in Rockford, Ill. She has a bachelor’s degree in English/Literature and a master's degree in communications. She isn't shy about labeling herself a feminist and is a vocal advocate for gender equality. When she's not at work or studying, she enjoy playing with her 100-pound American bulldog, hiking, watching way too much Netflix and reading a good book. Follow her on twitter at @mikadoyle.

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