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Recently, a lot of my clients have been asking me how to generate sales leads with content. That’s a great question because using content to bring in sales — also known as  content marketing — is an excellent strategy.

There’s so much I could talk about when it comes to lead-generation content, so I wanted to hone in on my No. 1 recommendation: Find out your customers’ biggest problems and create content that solves those problems.

The catch? Resist the urge to create content that tells customers how your company solves those problems. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that’s bad marketing. But it’s actually really clever marketing.

The key to content marketing that successfully generates sales leads is that it creates value for the customer. Remember, it’s about them, not you. Your customers are being marketed to 24/7, and they’re sick of being sold to.

For example, let’s say you offer basement sealing services. What seems more trustworthy from a customer standpoint:

  • A fact sheet written by the experts from ABC Company on the top 10 ways a homeowner can keep water out of their basement
  • A flyer on the top 10 ways ABC Company can keep water out of your basement

Do you see the difference?

What you’ve done here is create content that is valuable to your customers. They actually want this content. That marketing piece promoting your services? Yeah, it got tossed in the trash.

You probably won’t see immediate results from producing content like this, but this content marketing strategy will do two things for your company:

  1. It makes customers think you care more about them than you do about making money (regardless of whether that’s true)
  2. It shows your customers that you know more about your industry than your competitors do, making it more likely that your customers will choose you over your competitors

Now, the next question is whether you should “lead-gate” this kind of content, which is when you make potential customers give you their information (name, email address, etc.) before they can access this awesome, valuable content you’ve created. I’ll talk about that next week!

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UPDATE: Should You Gate Your Lead-Generation Content?

2 thoughts on “How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Sales Leads

  1. From a customer point of view, I agree. A company bragging how good they are does nothing for me. Feels like the same sales pitch over and over. If a company gives me gives me step by step solution as a way to sell me their services, then I would give them a second look. Even if I’m given the solution, I may or may not attempt it and just call that company instead. Them giving me a giving me steps on fixing my issue, makes it easier to call them because at least it shows in someway, they know how to solve the problem.

    1. Exactly! You don’t want that company to sell to you, but you like that they want to solve the problem for you.

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