The Biggest Content Marketing Opportunity Your Company is Probably Missing

When most businesses think about content marketing, they think blogs. They think they need to create a company blog and start blogging every day, and that’ll cover their content needs. And they’re not entirely wrong. Blogs are definitely an effective content marketing tactic and can do wonders for your website’s SEO rankings, but they aren’t the… Read More


Should You Gate Your Lead-Generation Content?

Believe it or not, this is a bit of a controversial subject in the content marketing world. Should you gate your premium or lead-generation content? (By premium or lead-generation content, we’re talking whitepapers, case studies and well-researched articles that offer real value to people in a specific industry) If you’re not familiar with the term… Read More

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Sales Leads

Note: Sorry about the audio quality in this video. I’ll record with a better device next time. Recently, a lot of my clients have been asking me how to generate sales leads with content. That’s a great question because using content to bring in sales — also known as  content marketing — is an excellent… Read More

Lunapads Selects Mika Doyle as New Writer for Period Positivity Blog

Reusable menstrual product company Lunapads has selected Mika Doyle as a new writer for the brand’s blog. Doyle will write monthly blog posts for the Lunapads’ audience that focus on bringing new energy, positivity and inclusivity to the period conversation. “We chose Mika because she is not only a great writer, she’s committed to the… Read More

Professional Freelance Writers Get Vulnerable During First Writers Worth Month Twitter Chat

Last week a group of professional freelance writers gathered on twitter and had a refreshingly vulnerable discussion about fear. Who’s experienced it at any point during their freelance writing careers? How has it impacted their freelancing careers? Has it ever stopped them? Has it ever helped them? Oh, and there was even a little talk… Read More