You have a business to run, and that means making that sale. Traditional marketing tactics like ads and brochures sell your product, but content marketing, on the other hand, often doesn’t even mention what you’re selling. So does that mean content marketing is a waste of money? What Is Content […]

Getting your target audience to click through on a search or social ad can feel like a major victory, but you still have to get them to convert once they get wherever that click-thru took them. So how do you create landing pages that convert? It takes a combination of […]

Is it really worth investing your marketing dollars in B2B content marketing? Or is content marketing just a fancy scam bloggers are running to make money? To answer this question, there’s no better place to turn than your peers: other B2B companies. Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs recently released the […]

Ah, listicles. Snappy, 300-word blog posts. Quizzes that tricked audiences into consuming information. Audiences really ate up viral, short-form content for awhile there. And businesses caught on to the benefits of this content marketing strategy, churning it out as a way to engage consumers with their brands. It got to […]

When most businesses think about content marketing, they think blogs. They think they need to create a company blog and start blogging every day, and that’ll cover their content needs. And they’re not entirely wrong. Blogs are definitely an effective content marketing tactic and can do wonders for your website’s SEO […]