Great writing — the kind that truly resonates — needs to come from someone who understands the nuances of language and communication. Anyone can throw a few sentences together and call it a blog post, but are they really telling a story that will engage your audience? Are they really telling your story?

A piece of writing should capture your reader’s attention. Make their minds want to move past the first few lines. Make them hungry for what comes next. Now that? That’s great writing.

Let me do that for you.

Content Marketing Services

Every project is unique, so I will work with you to get the exact details of what the project entails so I can quote a price before any work begins. My rates are based on the length of the project, the amount of research/interviews required, and other factors involved in creating a stellar piece of content. Don’t see your project listed here? I’m happy to personalize my services to fit your specific needs.

  • Articles (lead-generation, op-eds, etc.)
  • Blog posts (B2B, B2C, etc.)
  • Brand Journalism
  • Case Studies
  • Editing Services
  • Newsletter Content (articles, profiles, interviews, product updates, etc.)
  • News Releases
  • White Papers
  • Much more...

If you’re a brand-spanking-new client, a partial deposit is required up front. For larger projects, a non-refundable payment schedule is required before I start doing any writing for you. I’ll work with you on what works best for you, such as full payment up front, 50% up front, or partial installments throughout the course of the project.

The (Completely Painless) Process

We’ll go through a discovery process first to determine your project needs. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to make sure I understand what the project entails and what your business goals are, and we’ll both decide if we’re a good fit for each other. It’s kinda like a first date minus all the awkwardness. 

If we decide we want to work together, I’ll take all the information you’ve given me and put together an estimate for the project. You sign off on the estimate, and then I put together a contract that puts everything we’ve discussed in writing so there’s no confusion over what we’ve agreed on. We both sign on the dotted line, and the real fun begins!

Ultimately, the content marketing process is all about successful communication. I work very closely with my clients to determine what their needs are so I come back to them with content that rocks their socks off. 

Let’s Chat

My process is very personal and customized because every client has a unique story to tell. Interested in hiring me to fill your content and editing needs? Contact me today!