Meet Mika

My name is Mika (pronounced Meeka), and I am a writer and poet based in Rockford, Ill. I have a bachelor’s degree in English/Literature and a master’s degree in communications.

I fell in love with the craft of writing when I was 13, the age at which I wrote my first short story. Since then, writing has become a natural part of my life. My work has appeared in Bitch MediaThe Good Men ProjectRole/Reboot, and Everyday Feminism (under a pseudonym).

People ask me all the time what I like to write. I am a proud feminist and a vocal advocate for gender equality. As a survivor of sexual assault, I am also passionate about providing education on rape culture, as well as decreasing the normalization of violence against women. Much of my writing reflects these passions, but I feel the true nature of my writing is guided by my life experiences and the world around me. In short, I like to write whatever’s churning in my head at the moment.

When I’m not at work or studying, I enjoy playing with my 100-pound American bulldog, practicing yoga, and reading a good book.

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