I love to tell stories, especially the stories that are a little subversive and struggle to go with the grain. I love to write about things people are nervous to talk about, to learn about things I’ve never heard about before, and to meet people whose journeys I can barely imagine. And sometimes I just write fun stories that make people laugh or feel good. I’ve been lucky to write for publications like Bustle, Elite Daily, and Bitch Media and hope to continue to do what I love the most every single day. Cause, honestly, the writing life is the only life I can imagine.

Published Articles

I’m currently a lifestyle news writer for Bustle, so I’ve highlighted my favorite headlines below, but you can see my full archive of clippings on my Bustle profile.

Rockford area middle school students speak at the Rotary Academy dinner

Rotary Club Investing in Rockford’s Young Leaders

Northwest Quarterly, Holiday-Winter 2018

Graphic of legos with text "Why your kids need gender neutral toys"

Why Your Kids Need Gender Neutral Toys

The Good Men Project, April 2016

old broken down car

Love Conquers All—Except, Maybe, the Bottle

The Good Men Project, December 2011

women devil and women angel

Women Are More Than Just Virgins or Whores

The Good Men Project, October 2011


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