The difference between a good journalist and a great one? A good journalist is always tracking down the stories that need to be told. She’s always hungry for those stories and never feels full.

A great journalist? A great journalist never eats alone.

No, a great journalist sits at the table with her editor to work closely on those stories to make sure she tells those stories the best way possible.

Let me do that with you.

Published Articles

Graphic of legos with text "Why your kids need gender neutral toys"

Why Your Kids Need Gender Neutral Toys

The Good Men Project, April 2016

old broken down car

Love Conquers All—Except, Maybe, the Bottle

The Good Men Project, December 2011

women devil and women angel

Women Are More Than Just Virgins or Whores

The Good Men Project, October 2011; Role/Reboot, November 2011


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